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Swedish Massage:  $75/$110 

 Relaxes the muscles & reduces both Physical & Emotional Stress. Light to medium pressure is applied to encourage relaxation and calming the Central Nervous system. Energy work included for the Swedish massage. Intention is for relaxation.

 Deep Tissue or Combination:     $85/$125       

 A Swedish Massage but with Deeper pressure and areas of pain may be addressed during this session.  Incorporating slow deliberate strokes going deeper into the muscle tissue and muscle fibers.  The therapist will use ANY of the 10 modalities in session to help with pain or emotional stress.

 Treatment Therapy:  $85/$125 
 An individual plan designed by the therapist for the client who experience chronic pain or recent injuries.  The Treatment session is  focused on 1 or 2 specific areas of treatment.  Allowing the therapist to isolate individual muscles for more detailed approach to treatment .  This treatment focuses on reducing painbreaking up adhesions & release trigger points- the root cause of a person’s pain. Modalities may include Trigger Point Therapy, Nerve Compressions, and Stretches thus marrying the Muscular & Nervous System together becoming a medical approach to massage.  
 Cupping Therapy & Massage  $80$100

Cupping is an immediate and effective therapy to assist in releasing blood stagnation which causes pain to our joints and muscles.  A cupping treatment can assist in many other issues relating to dis-eases in the body.  Such as Digestive Disorders, Respiratory Issues, Cellulite Treatment, Lymphatic, Facial (reduce wrinkles),  Great for TMJ and much more..

The therapist utilizes 6 different types of cups in order to achieve the desired result.

1. Cupping Treatment - 60 min

Stationary or specific moving cupping techniques will be utilized during this session. 

* inquire within for cupping treatment package options (price reduction will apply).

2. Cupping Massage- 60 min

A very relaxing and therapeutic massage.   Silicone cups will utilize negative pressure  like a suction cup elongating muscles and providing a myofascial stretch while targeting specific muscles.  Great introduction to cupping.

There are 2 options for the Cupping Massage- Both incorporate moving cupping,

Option 1: Moving cupping on the whole body

Option 2:  Moving cupping with  spot cupping in one or two areas; best for treatment.

                                                   Please call to learn more on cupping (a cupping description page will be added later)

 Couples Massage         $160/$250 

A Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, choice of 60 or 90 min.  The couple is in the same room during the massage.

 Detailed Massage - (2 Hours)    $180

 This massage will include the whole Temple.. the therapist will use intuition to recognize the body's desired modality.  Providing attention in restricted areas and then isolate each muscle and spend time releasing restrictions.  During this session the client can experience any of the 10 different modalities (listed on the home page).  There will be a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Treatment Therapy all included.  

 Healing Massage:  (90 min)              $125

The healing massage is a somatic approach focused more on releasing emotional pain. The therapist will use intuition and energy to discover where the emotions are hiding and then spend the necessary time. A lighter touch, cranio-sacral therapy and visceral manipulation techniques will be incorporated while supported on the table in a safe environment to let go. 

For this treatment one does not necessarily have to know of any traumas in the past, usually we are unaware that they are in fact adding to our pain.  This is where the therapist assists in locating them and helps with letting go.





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