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A Relaxing Approach to Pain Management

 Temple Body of Balance, integrates a unique twist to healing pain thru blending both Eastern and Western Medicinal approaches to treatment sessions.  Focusing on "Listening" to our clients, creates a specific treatment plan based on the individual's needs.  

Plans are designed with the intension to decrease pain increase range of motion and reduce stress through a Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach, Neuro-Muscular and Somatic Techniques to treat chronic pain or  just relax on the heated table.

Every BODY tells a story, and traumas, emotional stress and injuries build restricting patterns - causing pain.  This stagnation IS inside our muscles and mind increasing and adding to our pain.  Thru various techniques it  is my job to assist the client in Letting Go... and release restricting patterns while reducing pain. 

Very popular treatments include TMJ, Neck Pain, Shoulder & Arm Pain, Sports related Injuries, Plantar Fasciitis and much more!

I invite you to look more closely at the web-site and contact Temple - Body of Balance with any additional questions as you continue on your journey to Optimum Health.

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